Build strategic skills across positioning, messaging, sales enablement, persona research, pricing, and more. Develop a winning go-to-market strategy at any stage of growth.

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The strategies, skills, and mindset you need to scale your product & career

No marketing function is more critical right now than product marketing. You own the perception, success and growth of every product.



  • Good knowledge of English language.
  • Your own laptop (PC or Mac). Ideally, it should be no more than four years old and able to run the most recent operating system. The laptop must have a webcam.
  • Headphones and good access to the internet.
  • You must be able to dedicate a minimum of 15-20 hours every week. 
  • You must be able to provide two guarantors.

What you’ll learn

Become an end-to-end product marketing powerhouse. Nail your strategic value. Master every aspect of product marketing.

01. Foundations

Learn about the different stages of the product lifecycle from launch to decline and what to focus on in product marketing in each stage.

02. Intelligence and Strategy

Effective positioning distinguishes your offerings from the competition and helps customers understand your unique value. Understand the ‘assembly instructions’ of your buyer, product, the right messaging, and market.

03. Agile Product Development

Learn the principles of agile development and use these principles to influence a team over whom you have no direct authority, such as an engineering team.

04. Product Lunch & GTM

Learn how to define and understand your key audiences and choose the most appropriate route(s) to market.

05. Managing the Partner Ecosystem

Learn to define the elements of the ‘whole offer’ and how to design and manage partnerships effectively.

06. Product Evolution and Growth

Build on the strengths of your existing strategies and tactics to drive new growth. Learn about product evolution and the impact of decisions on your product line.

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Transparent & fair payment options

Prioritize learning now, figure out payments later. From upfront payments, to income sharing agreements (ISAs), there are flexible options to accomodate multiple circumstances.

Full Tuition Payment

Pay your fees 100% upfront. No other charges come up during your career at ₦400,000.

Installment Payment Options

Complete your payment within the first four months of the program. ₦120,000 x 4 months.

Income Sharing Agreement

₦50,000 enrollment fee + 15% of gross salary over 24 months when you get hired. 

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